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I just got back from a mission trip to Canada last night. We took a group of about 30 people from my church and went Camp of the Woods near Sioux Lookout, Onatrio. It was a great week of serving and ministrying to the people there. Each morning, we had short chappel time during which one of the staff at Camp of the Woods would share what God had been doing in their life. Then we would helped out around Camp of the Woods cutting down trees, siding a building, cleaning the kitchen, and various other choirs. Then in the late afternoon, we headed to Sioux Lookout to offer a Vacation Bible School, as well as a small adult bible study. It was a great oppotunity to instruct both children and adults in the truths of the gospel.

Then in the evening we would return to camp for dinner and an evening chappel service, which was preached by one our pastors from Omaha Bible Church, Chris Peterson. He did a five part series from Philippians that was just amazing. As we discussed the priority of the gospel, the necessity of grace, the love of Christ, the glory of Christ, and the Lordship of Christ inĀ  our lives. My favorite sermon was Wednesday nights on Philippians 2 as we discussed the glory of Christ in His incarnation/humilation, His substitution, and His exultation.

Then to end each day, the guys (and gals seperately) gathered together for a devotional time, during which each person shared their personal testimony of the grace of God in their lives. The week in general was a testimony of God’s grace in drawing together a group of people who had previously been His enemies to serve together in the progress of the gospel.