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Last week I was in Colorado visiting my fiancee. During my stay there she was kind enough to give me a tour of the neighborhood. Now that might not seem too spectacular to most people, but she lives in the country so the neighborhood is several miles in diameter. During our tour we met a calf wandering in the middle of the road. We were careful not to run it over; however, it seemed like it was bound and determined to get in our way.

Now being a city boy I simply assumed that the calf was crafty and crawled out under the bottom of the fence, since the bottom row of the wire was a good distance off the ground. However, I was told in talking with her parents later that the calf had probably laid down next to the fence and rolled over while it slept and when it awoke it was on the outside of the fence. And the sad part is that it probably didn’t even know it.

As I have thought about that experience the last week it occured to me, how often do we wake up on the wrong side of the fence? What I mean is how often do we stop to even consider if we are in the right place when we wake up? So often I wake up and start to go about my day without ever considering if my thoughts are in the right place. When I awake are my thoughts set on the flesh or on the spirit. Am I in the mindset of serving myself or of serving God? These are some important things to consider as I start by day, lest I find myself wandering aimlessly down an empty road.

It is always amazing when God uses the simple things of His creation to help us consider what’s really important. And I am grateful the let His cow wander on the road. “For every beast of the forest is Mine,The cattle on a thousand hills.(Ps. 50:10)