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“which He promised beforehand through His prophets in the
Holy Scriptures,” (Romans 1:2)

As I have studied Romans the last few weeks, I have become increasingly amazed by how the logic of the letter seems to fit together. Here is just one example. The letter opens with what would seem like a concised description of the “gospel of God.” Yet, its seems based on the rest of the letter that the ultimate issues of the gospel (how we are justified) is not even really dealt with in the first few verses. Could it be that Paul took for granted that the issues addressed in these first few verses would not be drawn into question by His readers? Yet He still identified much of what is essential to the gospel for us in these verses.

Here in verse 2, we find that the source of the gospel is “the Holy Scripture.” We even see indicated that the ultimate source of the scriptures is God Himself as they contain His promise and were given “through His prophets.” In fact, Paul is pointing His readers to the Old Testament Scriptures, as the New Testament had not even been written yet. But if we really considered the role of the New Testament we would realize that it was written simply to help us connect the dots for Old Testament prophesies to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What I find more amazing is that Paul starts His synopsis of the gospel with its source? Why do I find this so amazing?…Because it puts man write back where He start at the beginning. Once again man is faced with the question: “What will I do with truth?”

You see the last time man was posed with this question was at the beginning of His life. When each man enters into the this world and into God’s creation, He is faced with the reality of God’s existence. It is evident to each of us from creation that God exists we see the signs of “His eternal power and divine nature,” and yet everyone of use has chosen to take that truth and “suppress it in unrighteousness.” We “exchange the truth of God for a lie.” And since all knowledge is depended upon the source of knowledge (God), we have cut ourselves off at the knees. We have no basis for truth or thinking has become nothing but vain speculations and temporary notions, that will not likely out live us.

And yet we see God in His mercy stepping in and making His truth known to us once more “in the Holy Scripture.” So what will we do? Will we take that truth and continue to suppress it and to find ways to exchange it for lies and worldly fables? The end result of which is that we will be conformed into the image of this world, into the image of the prince of the power of the air, and we will indeed be children of wrath even as the rest. Or will we be willing to submit our minds to the truth, and to allow the word of God to transform our minds and our hearts, so that we might be comformed into the image of the Son. Because in the end it is not the knowledge of truth that is important, but what it does to you!!