“Now one of them, when he saw that he had been healed, turned back, glorifying God with a loud voice, and he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him. And he was a Samaritan.” (Luke 17:15-16)

Here in Luke 17 we have the account of “ten leprous men” who have come to Christ and have begged for mercy from Him. Christ in His compassion sends them off to the priest to show themselves. I say Christ did this in compassion because as they went they were cleansed. If Christ had not anticipated the grace that He would show them in healing them of the leprosy, then he would have been sending them off to receive a sentence of condemnation and ostracizing.

Yet off all these that experienced the mercy of Christ only one of them responded with a reaction that is fitting for grace. Let me observe the following things about a proper response to grace from this text:

  1. Those who receive grace are change. Those who experience the grace of God are not left as they once were they have “been changed” They were once spiritual lepers, but now they have been cleansed by the blood of the lamb. Or in the words of the hymn, Amazing Grace: “I was blind, but now I see. “
  2. Those who receive grace seek the true source of mercy. It is interesting that this man, having recognized the change in his life, left of his journey to see the priests to come back to the Great High Priest. Would we be content with those things which were a type of Him who was to come or would we seek after substance of them in the Person of Christ?
  3. Those who receive grace glorify Christ. Now some might take issue with this statement, because the text does not read “glorifying Christ” but rather”glorify God“. However, notice that leper does attribute his healing to Christ as is evident by his “giving thanks to Him.”
  4. Those who receive grace bow before Christ. The person who has seen the grace of God transform their life by the work of the Holy Spirit, cannot but help fall at the feet of Christ. And how much more for those of us who live this side of Calvary. Should we not be more intimately acquainted with the holes in His feet?
  5. Those who receive grace give thanks to Christ. If you have received grace from such a compassionate king, how could you not but give Him the thanks that He so rightly deserves. Oh, how often I have failed to appreciate or even take notice of the grace of God in my life and as a result failed to give Him the thanks that He rightly deserves.
  6. Those who receive grace realize God has done all this for a foreigner. “And he was a Samaritan.” Of all those that returned to give glory to God, to bow before Christ, thank Him for His mercy, for His grace, none returned “except this foreigner.” Especially, those of us who are not physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we should recognize how gracious God has been in extending arms of compassion toward us who were strangers and aliens to God.