Having consider the text of Romans 5 and 6 for the last few weeks, I am beginning to realize just how indebted to grace we are. Not only have we been justified by grace, but we have introduced into grace (Rom. 5:2). And this grace is not simple a justifying grace, it has a much greater influence.

You see the problem with sin is not just the judgment that if brings, but the influence over the life a person that it wields. Thus we find in Romans 5 that all men have fallen into sin with Adam, and because of Adam’s sin there has come a reign of sin and death. As Paul has already said in Romans 3:9 “we are all under sin.” Thus the chief problem of the human dilemma is not simply the need to be freed from the penalty of sin, but from sins influence as well. For it is the natural disposition of the human heart to yield to the controlling influence of sin.

But God’s grace as established a new reign, a reign of grace (5:21). It is because of their union with Christ (Rom. 6:3-7) that believers have been set free from their enslavement to sin. However, having been set free from the reign of sin, the believer has now come under the reign of grace and as a result has been enslaved to righteousness.

There is however a great danger that has arose through out the history of Christendom. It may be label by various names. Catholicism. Liberal Evangelicalism. Non-Lordship salvation. It is that form of teaching which encourages people to leave off seeking grace, when there is no evidence of grace in their lives. The say, “peace, peace” where there is not peace. They tell people they have been introduced into grace when there is no proven character to show that the love of God has been poured out in their hearts (Rom. 5:1-5) .

So let us always be seeking for grace, lest we be decieved by our own hearts and yet under the reign of sin.