The title is taken from the last have of Psalm 51:3, which is probably one of the most famous Psalms. It was written by David after his all too well know sins of adultery and murder. I am sure many a sinner since then has found solace in this Psalm, I know that I myself have often. For me this Psalm stands as a constant reminder that no matter how bad a sin is there is still forgiveness with God. Yet as my appreciation for this Psalm has grown so has my understanding of it. Let me make a few observations about the nature of sin, forgiveness, and the pleasure of God as observed in this Psalm.

About the nature of Sin 

  1. My sin defiles me and makes me in need of being cleansed. (51:2)
  2. My sin is not limited to a single action, but an attitude of my heart. (51:3)
  3. My sin is ultimately against God alone, as it is a violation of His law and His will. (51:4)
  4. My sin is something that I have had since I was concieved. (51:5)

About the nature of Forgiveness

  1. Only God can forgive my sins.
  2. Only God can “make me know wisdom.” (51:6)
  3. Only God can purify me and wash me. (51:7)
  4. Only God can “make me to hear joy and gladness.” (51:8)
  5. Only God can “blot out all my iniquities.” (51:9)
  6. Only God is capable of cleaning and renewing my inner person. (51:10)
  7. Only God can maintain a spirit of willing joyful obedience within me. (51:12)

 About the what Pleases God

  1. God is pleased by evangelism. (51:13)
  2. God is pleased by singing joyfully about His righteousness. (51:14)
  3. God is pleased by declaring His praise. (51:15)
  4. God is pleased by a broken spirit and a repentant heart. (51:17)
  5. God is pleased by sacrifices offered from a pure heart. (51:19)

To summarize what I have learned over the years from this Psalm:

I am a sinner in need of God to save me from my sins, so that I might offer a sacrifice of praise to Him.