I’m sure a lot of people are just like me. They love to put things off until another day or until a later hour. I mean after all there is usually a pile of things that need to get done (or at least I think need to), and without much effort the pile seems to just keep getting bigger. So things get put off for a day, and then two, and eventually they are forgotten. Debts can be the same way too. When was the last time you lent someone money, and only remembered when the person came to pay it back. Or when was the last time you “borrowed” a quarter from a friend and work to buy a snack during break, only to let the repayment of the debt slip your mind…I mean after all it was just a quarter.

I think that some times we think of God in a similar fashion. How many of us have sinned against God and seen no sign of God holding it against us? I mean everyday people sin and yet life seems to go on as it always has, in fact, many times those who hate God are those who seem to prosper (Psalm 73:3-9). Does God not hold their sins against them? Does He not know of their sins? Have they managed to keep them a secret from Him?

While Asaph’s answer, “Surely You set them in slippery places; You cast them down to destruction” (Psalm 73:18), is surely sufficient. Let’s consider what the apostle Paul had to say about those who were not now receiving the punishment they deserved. In the Romans 2, Paul tells us that God “will render to each person according to His deeds” (Rom. 2:6). This statement comes write after Paul has informed his readers that it is not enough to hold others accountable to God’s law, but you must place yourself under it as well. And those who maintain that the law is right and continue to transgress it are simply storing up wrath for themselves on that day when God’s “righteous judgment” would be revealed (Rom 2:5).

You see Paul was aware that God is patient with the men, because He wants them to come to repentance. Paul understood that in God’s eyes the sins committed where not forgotten; the punishment was just delayed. In fact, it was part of Paul’s gospel message: “on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Jesus Christ” (Rom. 2:16). So for all of those who see the notion of hell or eternal punishment as an out of date doctrine, I think they need to reconsider. Because whether or not they believe in hell, there will be a day when God will call all men to account for the deeds that they do not only in public, but in the deepest recesses of their own hearts. And all that will remains for those who do evil and do not obey the truth is wrath, indigation, tribulation, and distress (Rom. 2:8-9).

I cannot help but think that as Christians it is time for us to remember that not only will we be held accountable, but the whole world will be without excuse. It is time for us to remind our friends that the day of judgment is coming and now is the time for them to flee from the wrath to come. Just as Noah preached to his generation that they can only be saved from the God’s watery judgment, if they are protected within the arc of wood; we must preach to this generation that they can only be saved from God’s final firey judgment, if they are protected by the blood of Christ through faith.