What would do if you where separated from a close friend for a long period of time? Would you write letters, send an email, or make a phone call? It seems pretty obvious from experience that we quickly miss hanging out with and conversing with those whom we care the most about. In fact, for we often look forward to finally getting to see them again after a long absence.

A little over a month ago my fiancee moved home to live with her parents. The last couple of weeks have been interesting as she lives in the country and there is no cell phone service and the only phone they do have is a half a mile from there house. Yet we have both found our relationship important enough to find ways to talk when we can. usually this means a quick chat while she is on her way to or from work (which is in town and has cell service), but even then our conversations are often interrupted by lost cell phone signals.

Yet I have to wonder how many of us have the same attitude when it comes to talking to God. How many of us walk through the day wondering: “When will be the next opportunity that I will have to be alone with God?” or “When will be my next chance to pray and to talk to Him?” Unfortunately, I find that I am usually like the majority who don’t. But am beginning to appreciate what a privilege it is to converse with not only the One who made me, but the One who has saved me as well.

However, I find there are still so many things that distract me..that interrupt my prayers. And should those distractions not make me to long for them to be removed. Should we not long for the day when all hindrances should be removed and we should see Him face to face? Should we not long for the day when our faith shall become sight? Oh, that we might not be content with what we now see dimly, but that we should long to see the fullness of His glory.

So the next time you pick up the phone to call a friend, ask yourself, “When was the last time I called upon the Lord?”